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The poet and critic Micheál Ó hAodha has published a written a review [in English]  of  An Fuíoll Feá: Rogha Dánta / Wood Cuttings: Selected Poems by Liam Ó Muirthile in The Galway Review. The full review of this magnum opus from Ó Muirthile, whom he describes as ‘one of the foremost European post-war poets in any language’ can be read at the link here. In the review, Ó hAodha displays a depth of knowledge of the context of the work of Ó Muirthile and indeed the other INNTI poets:

‘…in essence, they wanted to make poetry and the Irish language relevant at a period of great social and cultural change and make people reflect anew on what it means to be human and to be questioning – what it means to be alive! Few would say that they did not succeed well in this task. As evident from Ó Muirthile’s An Fuíoll Feá (New and Selected Poems), 555 pages long, this was no easy task. Not only did they have to invent a “new” language or form of expression – one which reflected a new, urban environment that incorporated a diverse range of energies and milieus – but they had to do this in a minority language (which few people could read and even fewer could write), a tongue unloosed from its rural hinges, disorientated, and indeed traumatized by the shame associated with the battering it took under colonialism. In essence this generation of Irish poets and Ó Muirthile was in their vanguard, had to vault barriers so insurmountable (both practical and philosophic) before they got to creating their poetry at all, that the immensity of their efforts has yet to be fully realized.’

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