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Olivia Golden

Olivia has illustrated over 22 books for children specifically along with a variety of covers and books for adults.

Her work has exhibited internationally as part of Pictiúr, an exhibition curated by the Laureate na nÓg Niamh Sharkey, showcasing the best of Irish children’s book illustration.

Olivia has exhibited in the Guinness Store house, United Arts Club, Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, Copper House Gallery, the Monster Truck Gallery, Visual Carlow, Grand Opera House Belfast, Galway Arts Club, Stormont Buildings Belfast and IMMA amongst others. International venues include Palais Auersperg Vienna, the Bologna Book Fair, the European Parliament building Brussels and the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.

Her approach has evolved over the years, and while it is most definitely contemporary, it is greatly influenced by traditional painting and printmaking techniques. She works comfortably in both traditional and digital media.

Texture and contrast combined with simple compositions constitute the heart of Olivia’s visual style.

Cois Life illustrated by Olivia Golden

Cillian ag comhaireamh (Cois Life, 2017)

Hata zú Mhamó (Cois Life, 2016)

Séanna (Cois Life, 2016)

Lá leis na Lochlannaigh (Cois Life, 2016)

Aois fir (Cois Life, 2015)

An dragan feasa (Cois Life, 2011)

Cén t-am é? (Cois Life, 2009)

Madra meabhrach (Cois Life, 2007)

Dánta déanta (Cois Life, 2006)

An seileitleán agus véarsaí seilí eilí (Cois Life, 2004)

Gaothán (Cois Life, 2000)


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