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Máire Zepf

Máire’s first book for children, Tubaiste ar an Titanic (Cló Mhaigh Eo) was published in 2012. It was shortlisted for the Book of the Year that same year. Lá leis na Lochlannaigh (Cois Life, 2016) features the same two characters, Cormac and Brídín, and a new historical event. Lá leis na Lochlannaigh won the 1st prize for children’s fiction at the Oireachtas in 2015 and was also nominated for Gradam Réics Carló in 2016.

Máire has always had a passion for history which took her to Oxford University as a student. There she was inspired by the tutors, the old libraries and the atmosphere of learning. After achieving her master’s degree, she went to London where she worked in television print and radio advertising. She moved back to Co. Down in 2001 to work as an Irish-Language Development Officer in Downpatrick. She settled in Holywood, where she is from.

She has three children: Áine, Cillian agus Lorcán. They are being raised through Irish. Máire started writing when she became a stay at home parent, at first as a columnist for An tUltach and then for the New Humanist. As well as her historical series for the 9-11 age group, she writes picture books for younger children. Her first picture book, Ná gabh ar scoil! (Futa Fata, 2015) was nominated for Book of the Year at the CBI awards and for Gradam Réics Carló in 2016.

Máire can be seen, pen and notebook in hand, at the playground, the swimming pool and in the doctor’s waiting room. Many a dinner has been burned for the sake of a story or article. Apart from writing, she enjoys climbing and walking in the hills, by the sea and in the woods.

Updated June 2017

Don’t go to school (Sterling Children’s Books, 2017)
Lá leis na Lochlannaigh (Cois Life, 2016)
Ná gabh ar scoil! (Futa Fata, 2015)
Tubaiste ar an Titanic (Cló Mhaigh Eo, 2012)

Máire Zepf at Cois Life

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