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Gabrielle Ní Mheachair

Gabrielle Ní Mheachair was born in 1961 in Ivy Hall, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

She received her degree from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. In 2010 she received her master’s degree in Special Education in Fontbonne University, Saint Louis, Missouri to qualify as a reading specialist. Gabrielle writes for the successful journal, The Septs, which is a part of the International Association of Irish Genealogy, Minnesota. TippFM awarded her the writer’s award on January 23, 2013.

Out the Gap (self-published, 2016) is her latest work.

She lives in Saint Louis with her husband, Dr. Keith Woeltje, and their three children, Maeve, John and Éile.

Updated June 2017


Young People

Liam agus an leipreachán (An Gúm, 2007)
Éile rua an chéad seilchí (Cois Life, 2007)
An chailleach agus a cuid gruaige (An Gúm, 2002)


Out the gap (self-published, 2016)
Ó Meachair, the story of a clan
(self-published, 2014)
The Killea Mahers
(self-published, 2007)
The Killanigan Ryans (self-published, 2004)

Gabrielle Ní Mheachair at Cois Life

Cló Iar-Chonnacht