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Brian Ó Dochartaí

Brian Ó Dochartaí was born and raised in Glanbehy, Co. Kerry. He has been living in Co. Meath for some time now. He has been a public accountant all his life and is a member of the Institution of Chartered Arbiters, as well as being a member of the panel of referees of the Private Residential Tenancies Board.

He won an Oireachtas award in 2005 for his radio play, An coileach ag fógairt an lae, which was broadcasted on RTÉ. His short stories have been published in Feasta and in ComharBean i mBiarritz (Cois Life, 2008) was his first published book.

When he’s not writing, he enjoys fishing and tending to his bees.

Updated June 2017

Bean i mBiarritz (Cois Life, 2008)

Brian Ó Dochartaí at Cois Life

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