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Aoife Valley

Aoife Valley grew up in Northern Ireland between the boglands by the shore of Lough Neagh and the urban area of Craigavon in Armagh. She studied Fine Art in England and Dublin and spent many years working in Community Arts.

Aoife has been based in the Donegal Gaeltacht since 2001. She travelled around the world to South America, Australia and Asia in 2004 and wrote Teach an Oighir (Cois Life, 2009) in Thailand. Here she also developed an interest in meditation which led to many years of intensive silent retreat.

Aoife now runs Wee Owl Soul Care in Co. Donegal. She has taught thousands of people how to meditate and continues to teach, write and illustrate books and blogs. She is a Natural Beekeeper and Organic Gardener, working towards setting up Wee Owl Sanctuary, a Nature and Meditation Centre.

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Updated June 2017

Teach an oighir (Cois Life, 2009)

Aoife Valley at Cois Life

Cló Iar-Chonnacht