Duanaire 1600–1900: Poems of the Dispossessed


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One hundred poems in Irish, arranged by Seán Ó Tuama with verse translations by Thomas Kinsella, commentaries and notes.

The primary purpose of An Duanaire is to demonstrate the nature and quality of Irish poetic tradition during the troubled centuries from the collapse of the Gaelic order to the emergence of English as the dominant vernacular of the Irish people.

‘An Duanaire is a re-education in our poetry, a recuperative event. The range is great, in time and substance . . . Seán Ó Tuama and Thomas Kinsella have given us a book of great worth and importance, one that could mark an epoch . . . a whole thing that is, as best judges always believed poetry should be, dulce et utile. – Seamus Heaney, The Sunday Tribune

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