Pride of the West


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Here, we are presented with a refreshing example of purely traditional fiddle and flute music. Virtuosity and subtlety, thoughtful selection and versions of tunes enhanced with sensitive accompaniment make this a fine recording.
Patsy Hanly

The combination of flute and fiddle has pride of place in traditional Irish music and Pride of the West draws on the immense flute and fiddle tradition of north Connacht and on the musicians’ strong Roscommon connections, and communicates the excitement, tension and tranquillity inherent in the combination of these two great instruments. The tunes on the album are mainly from the Sligo – Roscommon repertoire and include unusual local versions of tunes as well as some new compositions. Accompaniment is ably and subtly provided by Paddy McEvoy, John McEvoy’s son, on piano and Arty McGlynn on guitar.

Both Wynne and McEvoy are excellent exponents of the north Connacht style of playing and are established musicians in their own right. John Wynne is from Roscommon and has a strong interest in the music of Sligo, Roscommon and Leitrim. He was a member of the band Providence and recorded two albums with them, Providence and A Fig for a Kiss. He also released a critically-acclaimed solo album, With Every Breath, in 2000 and he produced and played on the recent CD The Flute Players of Roscommon, Volume 1. John McEvoy was brought up in Birmingham of Roscommon parents. He recorded the album Bakerswell with the group of the same name in the late eighties. His solo CD, Returning, was released in 1998, and he recorded The Kilmore Fancy with his sister, flute-player Catherine McEvoy, in 2004.

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