The Music of Kevin Keegan


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Kevin Keegan was a legendary box player and this is the first recording of his music to be released. The album was compiled by his friend and fellow box player Joe Burke, and by his brother Vincent Keegan, mainly from recordings donated by friends. It attempts to capture the spirit of the music and of the man for all time.

The Music of Kevin Keegan is a rare opportunity to experience the wonderful music of a man who would never have ventured too close to a recording studio! With all of 23 tracks in total, including jigs, hornpipes, reels, waltzes, a march, a long dance and two songs, including ‘The Little Thatched Cottage’, it offers outstanding value for money. The album will be cherished by those who remember Kevin in this country and in the USA, and will also be appreciated by younger musicians and music fans for the chance it gives them to hear this brilliant box player at work, and at play!

This crucially important album is a fitting tribute to Kevin Keegan and will help to re-establish his rightful place among the most accomplished button accordionists in Irish traditional music during the 20th century.
Earle Hitchner, The Irish Echo

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