Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla Irish-English Thesaurus


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Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla Irish-English Thesaurus contains nearly 700,000 words; by Garry Bannister. this extraordinary reference book meticulously chronicles the Irish language’s beauty, agility, depth, and historical significance. Additionally, it provides invaluable lexically associated listings, a comprehensive grammar guide, and a helpful introduction on how to navigate this invaluable resource. Within its pages, you will find translations, synonyms, usages, phrases, and proverbs, offering countless surprises and fresh insights into our ancient and remarkable language. The Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla Irish-English Thesaurus not only enriches the existing body of Irish-language reference texts but also becomes an indispensable companion for both fluent speakers and eager learners.

Irish-English/English-Irish Thesaurus offers a great contribution to the collection of reference material in Irish and serves as an indispensable tool for both fluent speakers and people who are learning Irish. In addition, this is a major cultural event in our ongoing relationship with the Irish language.

Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla / Irish-English Thesaurus

  • Almost 700,000 words
  • Entries include: translations, synonyms, idioms, useful expressions, thematic lists & proverbs
  • A new grammar guide
  • Cultural/historical subtexts

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