Stoc ar fáil

Príomhcharachtar gan ainm i gcathair anaithnir – an t-aon dá rud is féidir a bheith cinnte fúthu, b’fhéidir, sa scéal seo. Caitheann sí a saol le ceo ar a hintinn nach féidir (nó nach mian léi?) éalú uaidh. Mionléiriú ar chás an té a bhfuil smacht caillte aici ar a timpeallacht ach nach léir céard is cúis leis.

Meáchan 250 g

Daithí Ó Muirí – no connection with this reviewer – has rightly earned a reputation as a writer of good short stories in Irish. In Ré he undertakes the longer form of the novella, but the fluency that marks his short stories is here also. The story is set in an unnamed city with an anonymous woman as the lead character; Ó Muirí draws his reader into enigmatic surroundings. The title itself has many meanings – moon, portion of time, era, stretch of ground, row – and the reader must negotiate those ambituities. The opening, set in a cavernous hotel, is something akin to Barton Fink in a fairy fort, and, as with all fairy forts, it is easier to enter than to exit. The main character is unsure of her place in the world but so attentive to the tiny details of existence that she is almost overcome by a tidal wave of her own observations and reflections.

le Daithí Ó Muirí
Léirmheas le Pól Ó Muirí, The Irish Times, 20/10/12