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Eadrainn by Cian Marnell presents a new, interactive approach to the learning of Irish grammar. Most of the learning is encouraged through pair exercises which are completed aloud by learners.

Comprehensive explanations of grammar rules and plenty of written exercises are included in each unit. This book will be of great benefit to third-level and post-Leaving Certificate learners, as well as to second level and mature learners of an advanced standard.

The subject matter here is of a traditional nature: verb tenses, noun declensions, etc. but unlike other available grammar books, this one attempts to bring about the greater part of learning through pair work. The relevant grammar rules are demonstrated first, as one would expect, and learning is reinforced at regular intervals through written exercises of different types but interactive exercises for co-operating pairs form the principal material of each unit.

The pair work encourages active learning and communication between learners, and it helps students become responsible for their own learning.

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