Póg mo Thóin agus Scéalta Eile

Póg Mo Thóin agus Scéalta Eile – a collection of short stories by Pádraic Breathnach


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Póg mo Thóin agus Scéalta Eile

by Pádraic Breathnach

Pádraic Breathnach delves deep into the complexities of human relationships.

Whether at their genesis or demise, amidst their construction or destruction, he paints a vivid picture of the intricacies of both healthy and unhealthy connections.

Within this anthology, the trajectory often veers towards darkness: we encounter enraged men, disenchanted women, fretful parents, and thankless offspring.

Characters struggle to alter the narrative, attempting to transform darkness into light for others while unaware of the shadows they cast upon themselves. While the themes may evoke a sense of gloom, Breathnach skillfully infuses each narrative with glimmers of hope, allowing the light to permeate through the darkness.

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