Peig Sayers – Labharfad le Cách | I Will Speak To You All (paperback)


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‘Who was Peig Sayers?’

She was anything but the maudlin and old-fashioned Peig remembered by generation of school children.  From the descriptions of those who met her, the real Peig emerges as a warm, wise and humorous woman, with an addiction to tobacco, a fondness for a sup of whiskey and a mastery of the art of ‘spin.’

Born in Dún Chaoin in Co. Kerry in 1873, Peig learned the art of storytelling at her father’s knee, and quickly became known for her sociable nature and excellent memory.  Marrying a fisherman from the Great Blasket, she enjoyed a full life with a large extended family and the care of her six surviving children.  I Will Speak to You All collects, for the first time, in both Irish & English, the recordings made by the BBC & RTÉ of Peig Sayers in 1946, 1947 & 1953.  They illustrate Peig’s repertoire, ranging from religious stories and prayers to humorous, romantic, even supernatural tales, as well as descriptions of an island life that is passing from living memory.

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Publisher New Island    |    ISBN 9781848408456    |    Pages 342    |    First published 2009

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