Ridire an Ghaiscidh


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“Bhí rí in Éirinn fadó, agus is fadó a bhí…

In this book we spend some time in the company of Ridire an Ghaiscidh (The Heroic Knight), the son of a king who was raised in an underground tomb, who wanted to be a hero like the heroes in the stories that his stepmother would tell him.

We meet some of his adversaries: a giant, a white stallion, a bald goat, a horrible old witch, a cat, a big eejit and his mother, and countless other enemies, and the biggest challenge that he must face, Black Knee.

In this story as well, there are kings (two of them), kings’ daughters (twelve of them), lots of battles, magic boats, an Tuircéis Mhór and an Tuircéis Bheag. As if that wasn’t enough there’s still more adventure to be found in this story: a drinking competition, people coming back from the dead, and a magic robin that comes to our hero’s aid in his time of need.

In this book an old folk story is given a new and hilarious lease of life. It’s a wonderful book full of laughter, humour and delight.

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