Muireann agus na Deilfeanna


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Picturebook (hardback)

Illustrator Andrew Whitson

ISBN 9781912929276

Publisher An tSnáthaid Mhór

Translated by Máire Zepf


Muireann agus na Deilfeanna

Muireann’s father builds a boat for her and teaches her to sail.  Before long she’s sailing with dolphins by her side.  She helps the dolphins when they’re caught in a net.  But what happens when Muireann herself is in trouble?

A beautiful and dramatic tale, the sixth book in the Muireann series. Muireann takes to the seas courageously and as usual, with kindness.

Muireann agus na Deilfeanna first published by Graffeg in 2022.  © Graffeg Limited 2022

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Dimensions 25.5 × 25.5 × 1 cm

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