Go dTaga do Ríocht, Boicíní Bhóthar Kilburn agus Cripil Inis Meáin


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This book features three plays – one written by Micheál Ó Conghaile, Go dTaga do Ríocht, and two other plays translated by him into Irish, Boicíní Bhóthar Kilburn (Kings of the Kilburn Highway) by Jimmy Murphy, and Cripil Inis Meáin (The Cripple of Inis Meáin) by Martin McDonagh.

Go dTaga do Ríocht centres on the coming of age of Jimí,18, and on his relationship with his father, Patrickín, a devoted Jehovah’s Witness whose lifework is spreading the faith. Jimí does not share his father’s religious convictions and this causes great tension at home, as does his emerging sexuality, until finally a tragic truth is revealed.

Cripil Inis Meáin centres on Billí, a 17 year old cripple for whom life holds little enjoyment. He is constantly teased and tormented by his friends, and indeed looked down upon because of his disability. When his luck turns and he is offered a way out of his island life he grabs at it, but will this turn of events bring him a better life elsewhere, or make him long for the life he left behind?

Boicíní Bhóthar Kilburn is the story of 5 friends who leave Connemara in the 1970s to make a better life for themselves in London. Thirty years later they come together to attend the funeral of Jackie, the youngest of the five friends. Will the occasion bring them together, or will the hardship they have endured and the disappointment of their years in England bring about the ultimate end of their friendship?

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