Súil an Daill


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Tyrone 1539: Conn Bacach reigns supreme and his sons compete to gain his favour. This is the story of Conchúr Mac Ardail: clerk, senior councillor, and father. The modernisation of the lordship, is Conchúr’s dream, Many things stand between him and its fulfilment — a headstrong master, jealous nobles, empty coffers, and his own human failings.

On top of all that there’s the lord’s son, Feilimí Caoch, a charismatic warrior-prince who Conchúr wishes to remould as a modern European ruler.

From the thread of history, the author of An Cléireach and Táin Bó Cuailnge weaves a tapestry of the Irish Gaelic lordship, a vibrant picture of servants and gallowglasses, bishops and clergy, clerks and councillors, lords and ladies in the Medieval and Renaissance Gaeltacht.

“Úrscéal thar a bheith soifisticiúil … Éacht taighde agus teanga déanta ag an údar a aimsíos ardréim liteartha de theanga an lae inniu lena scéal a inseacht. Tour de force stíle agus reacaireachta atá ann a fhágas blas na seanteanga ar theanga an lae inniu.” — Gearóid Denvir

Súil an Daill won the 2019 Oireachtas Prize.

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