Over the Waves


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The end is the beginning of this story. Sonaí Ó Giolla has died but his spirit has an excuse to part with his body. He goes back on the roads of ideas. His childhood in the town of An Leacon and his school days, where he became acquainted with the work of Karl Marx for the first time, which he thoroughly enjoyed – he was later a socialist. The days he spent in London with those from home – those who were as radical as him – if it was true for them and, indeed, if it was true for him as well. The woman he married and the daughter they had. But he feels his idealism being gradually consumed by his own weaknesses, changing climate and life. And it is when they return to the old patch after spending years in London that the old saying is not what it seems. Or not as thought his life in the future…

Bairtle Ó Conaire

Bairtle Ó Conaire is originally from Rosmuc and lives in Spidéal in Co. Galway. Ó Conaire has won many writing prizes. He writes mostly fiction and has published collections of short stories and novels.

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