Filleann Seoirse


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Filleann Seoirse is Eilis Ni Anluain’s first novel. A story of a love triangle set in a small seaside town in modern-day Ireland. When an old friend visits a newly married couple, he leaves his mark on the ménage. The women’s perspective serves as the lens through which this story unfolds, showcasing the novel’s adept handling of emotions and intellect with evident finesse. The narrative explores the characters’ coming-of-age and delves into the profound significance of the companions’ separation.

She was bored of life, or she thought she was.

At the age of twenty-seven, Lís had accomplished quite a bit. She has a good husband, a son and a daughter, and they live in a nice little house by the river in a coastal town not too far from the city. Nevertheless, she was bored with life, or so she thought.

“A realistic, lyrical, literary novel written by Éilís Ní Anluain. There are literary echoes throughout — Ó Conaire and Ó Cadhain, Lawrence, Eliot and Frost — and the central woman of the story is on fire from beginning to end.” — Professor Angela Bourke, iris Comhar.