Faoi Dheireadh Thiar


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This play is set in an old people’s home on Christmas Eve and each of the characters has their own tale to tell: Taimín Chualáin is waiting for a letter from his son in Australia which will never arrive; Coilmín an Bhreathnaigh, a troublemaker whohas spent his life dodging responsibility; Sally, a once glamorous lady who still thinks she is living her past life; and Meaig Loideáin who has been put in the home against her will and is determined to take out her anger on those around her. The staff of the home also have their tales to tell – Máirín, the matron, who has never married due to a tragedy in her life and Jackie, a young nurse who is starting out in life but has to come to terms with a new twist in her fate. The play is both funny and poignant at times, another superb piece of writing by talented playwright Joe Steve Ó Neachtain.

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