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Cúpla Focal

Love and romance among the adults in the Irish class.


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Light romance fiction from the author of prizewinning novel Bás Tobann. Love and mystery. Secret lives. In the Irish conversation class for adults, much is left unsaid. Caoimhe is getting friendly with her teacher, Neasán. But Neasán’s attention has turned, it seems, to Aisling. In the course of one evening, hard lessons have to be learned about hope, heartbreak and the fickle power of words. A sparkling story of contemporary life, for any reader with basic fluency in Irish.

We include here a word-list provided by the author of Cúpla Focal as a resource for learners of Irish reading the novel. The list of words is in alphabetical order: Foclóirín Cúpla Focal.

A separate glossary is available, organised according to page numbers in the book: Gluais Cúpla Focal.

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