Dhá Scór Eala

A collection of poetry by Angeal Ní Chualáin


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Dhá Scór Eala

A collection of poetry by Angeal Ní Chualáin

This is a collection full of humanity and heritage, which strikes notes that echo in the reader’s memory. – Oireachtas na Gaeilge judging panel notes

Aingeal Ní Chualáin is from Carna in Connemara and she received her schooling there. She spent many years working as a secondary school teacher and tutor in the Adult Education sector.

She later obtained a doctorate at the University of Galway. Her publications include Tomás Bairéad Rogha Scéalta Dhá Sór Eala is her first collection of poetry.

These poems are an attempt to put words to life. At this crossroad in history, from the point of view of the future of the world, the things that helped communities to survive in the past are recaptured: respect for the natural world including the language, the arts and the belief that is still alive.

These poems pay homage to nature and landscape, of which the swans are symbols of resilience, as they return year after year. The consequences of warfare are considered in this collection, whether at home or abroad, and an invitation extended to reconsider the gift of peace when it exists. – Angela Ní Chualáin

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