Stiúideo Eagla


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A horror story for young teenagers. Brian and Lís are intrigued and concerned about a mysterious new television company, Stiúideo Eagla, that has started up in their area. Their friend Aindí and his dog Drannaire have gone missing, and coincidentally a dog very similar to Drannaire appears on a TV programme made by the company, although he is given a different name. Brian and Lís are convinced that the dog is indeed their friend’s pet. They set out to find the truth, and brave the perils of Stiúideo Eagla.

Suspense and intrigue will be the order of the day for young teenagers as they immerse themselves in this supernatural tale. It seems that everyone has been fooled by Stiúideo Eagla except for Brian and Lís-the question is: can they save the day?!?

The book is suitable for younger teenagers, aged 12 – 16.

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