Coinnigh do Mhisneach


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This is modern-day fiction at its best, and will grab the attention of older teenage readers and hold their attention until the very last word. It centres on the lives of two characters-Aoife and Máire. At first glance, it would seem that these two teenagers have nothing in common.

Máire is strikingly beautiful and the subject of constant male attention. She comes from a broken family and has never known her father. She lives with her mother and her mother’s current partner, a brutish and violent man.
Aoife, on the other hand, lives in the lap of luxury with both her parents. However, her home life is unhappy too as her parents’ marriage is falling apart, her father becoming ever more blatantly unfaithful to her mother. Life throws these two girls together, and the result is the blossoming of an unlikely friendship.

This book will strike a chord with young people, who will identify with the teenage protagonists. The various subplots ensure it is a page-turner, and an all-round great story of love, betrayal, infidelity and friendship. It is suitable for older teenagers (16+), and will be welcomed by teachers and students alike. It is also suitable for adults learning Irish who are at an intermediate level.

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