San Ochtapas Dubh


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Louise Bheag and Benjamin have crossed the Atlantic in search of their father, the infamous pirate Captain Roc, and finally, after sailing across the Caribeen Sea, they free their father in a Spanish prison in Veracruz. The twins are delighted to have found their father, but he leaves them to work in a tavern, An tOchtapas Dubh while he sets sail again. But the twins are getting tired of the constant working and scrubbing, and they are waiting for the ?rst opportunity to head for the open sea again! The Caribeen Sea, 1660. After the death of their mother, Louise Bheag and Benjamin are sent to an orphanage in Paris. Louise Bheag is an unruly girl; she prefers the sword to the darning needle. And Benjamin is no soldier; he prefers books and sea charts. Together, they decide to run away from the orphanage and to go to sea in search of their father – knowing only that he is the captain of a ship away at sea.

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