San Ionsaí Veracruz


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Louise Bheag and Benjamin have crossed the Atlantic in search of their father, and finally, after sailing across the Caribeen Sea, they finally come upon their father, Captain Roc, in a Spanish prison in Veracruz, as he awaits the death sentence. They are depending on their half sister to help him escape. But can Marie Dhearg really be trusted? France, the year 1660. After the death of their mother, Louise Bheag and Benjamin are sent to an orphanage in Paris. Louise Bheag is an unruly girl; she prefers the sword to the darning needle. And Benjamin is no soldier; he prefers books and sea charts. Together, they decide to run away from the orphanage and to go to sea in search of their father – knowing only that he is the captain of a ship away at sea.

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