Muireann agus an Míol Mór


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Picturebook (hardback)

Illustrator: Andrew Whitson

Translated by Máire Zepf

Muireann and Dónall are amazed when they discover a big whale on the beach.  Daddy shows them how to care for the whale while they wait for the tide to come in.  The children and their friends work together to keep it cool and dig a hole under it.  Muireann sings to pacify the whale.  But will they manage to save it?

The second book in the series that began with Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin.  A beautiful written story and illustrated by two masters.

Muireann agus an Míol Mór published by Graffeg, 2019.  Copyright © Graffeg Limited 2019

Publisher An tSnátháid Mhór    |    ISBN 9781912929030    |    Pages 34    |    First published 2019

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Dimensions25.7 × 25.7 × 1 cm