Muireann agus an Dianghlasáil


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Picturebook (paperback)

Translated by Máire Zepf

Muireann hears about a new catastrophic illness.  To prevent it, no one is allowed on or off the island.   Muireann’s dad is on the mainland selling fish.  What will she do without him?  Muireann helps her mum with cooking, looking after the ducks and chickens and even makes masks.  But then, Caitlín Mhicí becomes ill – and the virus reaches the island.  What will Muireann do?

Muireann agus an Dianghlasáil published by Graffeg, 2021.  Copyright © Graffeg Limited 2021

Available from the same series: Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin, Muireann agus an Míol Mór, Muireann agus an Teach Solais.

Publisher An tSnáthaid Mór    |    ISBN 9781912929122    |    Pages 35     |    First published 2021

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