An Nollaig Thuas


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An Nollaig Thuas – Síscéalta Lios Lurgain by Aoife Ní Dhufaigh.

A novel for young people, good for readers aged 8 to 12 who enjoy stories about magic and fairies.

Luisne is a young fairy who lives under Lios Lurgain in the Land of the Fairies. As she explores the enchanting realm of fairies and discovers the wonders of our human world, a series of thrilling adventures unfold for her and her friends. A short and enjoyable story.

Luisne and Deirdre have received an invitation from their Aunt Gormlaith to spend Christmas among the people in the world of humans.

They will soon see how ‘Christmas above’ is spent!

‘Don’t use the fairy tricks here,’

Aunt Gormlaith warns them.

‘We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves!’


But when the neighbour’s girls start picking on the pair of friends, they are eager to teach them a lesson!