Horrid Henry Dónall Dána: An Feighlí Linbh Fiáin


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You’ve heard about Horrid Henry, now it’s time to meet Dónall Dána, as Horrid Henry has been named in the Irish-language edition of Francesca Simon’s popular series of books, illustrated by Tony Ross. Cló Iar-Chonnacht are publishing five new books in the ‘Horrid Henry : Dónall Dána’ series this October which will bring the total to ten books that are available in the series in Irish. The books are written in a natural style of Irish and translated by a group of talented translators; Caitlín Ní Chualáin, Máirín Ní Ghadhra, Gormfhlaith Ní Thuairisg and Marion Ní Shúilleabháin.

Dónall Dána is horrid boy who loves doing unimaginable and horrible things. He throws food, he pushes, shoves and pinches. There are four short stories in the collection Horrid Henry: Dónall Dána: An Feighlí Linbh Fiáin as there are in each book in the series. Gormfhlaith Ní Thuairisg translated An Feighlí Linbh Fiáin to Irish.

In Horrid Henry: Dónall Dána: An Feighlí Linbh Fiáin our hero, Dónall Dána, comes up against the babysitter from hell, drives his parents around the bend as they take a car journey, goes trick-or-treating at Halloween and he sets up an invasion of Peigí Pusach’s secret club.

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