Gach Dath Faoin Spéir


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Picturebook from Bímis ag caint faoi! series    |    Paperback

Life has changed dramatically in recent years.  People from different backgrounds are living together more than ever before in the history of mankind.  These different people are coming together, mingling together, building communities agus raising their children together.  The purpose of ‘Gach Dath Faoin Spéir’ is to recognise the great diversity that exists amongst us, but also to recognise the similarities we all have as human beings.  If we accept each other as human beings but respect the differences between us, we have come a long way towards building a community that will live happily together.

First published © in 2005 by Gemser Publications | Irish language edition © Futa Fata 2009 | Illustrator Marta Fàbrega

ISBN 9780955098383    |    Pages 31

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