Déan Dráma 3


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Book & Two CDs 

  • Three plays for the classes 3 to 6
  • The songs and the soundtrack on CD
  • Also suitable as music and songs for the classroom.
  • The words of the songs and music guidelines.

This collection of plays is for classes 3 to 6. The book includes clear guidelines and suggestions for staging and presenting the plays and the plays are accompanied by music and songs on CD. The CDs are suitable for use as classroom music and songs on their own. 

The authors hope that this books will be a useful resource for teachers in Gaelscoileanna and Gaeltacht Schools and that it will be useful in staging engaging productions in a way that is simple and easy to implement. This book is a useful resource for English-medium schools also as the plays use everyday language and choruses which are easy to remember and incorporate into productions. 

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