I mo Chroí Istigh


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I Mo Chroí Istigh by Áine Ní Ghlinn

Millí, the main character in I Mo Chroí Istigh by Áine Ní Ghlinn, is a very talented girl. All she wants in life is to be a robotics engineer and to spend her life working with her father who is a leading expert in the field of robotics. They work together on making synthetic organs; lungs, hearts, and synthetic prosthetics of every description.

Their groundbreaking work helps to save lives and make people’s lives better and they are helping people to walk again and to see again.

But Leo is also working on a secret project that he hasn’t mentioned to Millí. He is developing artificial intelligence. Could Millí and her father create a human-robot?

I Mo Chroí Istigh by Áine Ní Ghlinn is an interesting look at the questions that are raised as artificial intelligence and robotics becomes more advanced.

  • Science fiction novel
  • ISBN: 9781784442293
  • Number of pages: 121


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