Scéim na gCoimisiún recipients announced: New books in the works 5 July 2017 – Posted in: News, Authors

Results of the application process for Scéim na gCoimisiún have been made available by Foras na Gaeilge. Scéim na gCoimisiún distributes commissions for literary works in Irish in order to ensure a satisfactory provision of content in many different reading genres.

Seven of our authors have succeeded in receiving commissions for a range of books, from historical fiction to books for teen readers. We wish the authors the best of luck as they start the writing process.

The following are the titles that shall be written by Cois Life authors in the coming years with thanks to Scéim na gCoimisiún:

 Josefina – Réaltán Ní Leannáin

At the outbreak of the First World War, a young Maltese woman has her world turned upside down. She enters into an arranged marriage with Tomás, an Irish solider in the British army. Tomás is a native of Belfast stationed in Malta, dreaming of a united Ireland as Redmond promised.

We follow Josefina’s story from 1915, when the hordes of injured flocked to Malta in the aftermath of the Gallipoli slaughter, to 1921 when she lands in Belfast, a city still in the grip of empire. An insightful depiction of women’s lives.

Gráinne Ní MháilleSiobhán Parkinson

After being overlooked by history for centuries, Gráinne Ní Mháille has acquired near-mythic status in recent years. Schoolchildren learn about her, and her colourful life has given rise to interpretations of all kinds, from non-fiction to graphic novel to drama and music. But her extraordinary exploits and bravado have hogged the limelight, and until now there has not been a novel that seeks to present her as a woman with an inner life.

Fuascailt an iriseoraMichelle Nic Pháidín

Bríd returns to the capital and to the daily grind of scoop and scandal – but there’s trouble brewing in the newsroom. When she stumbles upon a new story, Bríd has no choice but to dive straight in. Her journey takes her on a winding path, and her duty as a journalist is thwarted by real life events. She must rely on her quick wit and cunning to uncover the truth, despite constant pressure from all sides.

Toil an tiarna – Cathal Póirtéir

A novel about a feud that engulfs a landlord, the catholic clergy and the local community of Gweedore during the Great Famine and its aftermath. Conflict arises between a new Protestant landlord and a Catholic parish priest as they compete for the heart and soul of the destitute community.

Taithí oibreJo O’Donoghue

Transition Year work experience. Exciting and enthralling for some, daunting and nerve-wracking for others. Ciara, Eoin and Jeaic have the world at their feet, with grand visions of what their futures will hold: the thrill of the big stage, the glamour of hairdressing, and the bustle of New York City. These three friends commence on different paths in hope of finding a direction in life.  But one thing is for sure: it’s an experience they won’t forget.

Cúinní cathrach – Liam Ó Muirthile

Accounts of city life: bounty, variety and clamour. Hustle, bustle, silence. The steady beating of its heart: through the streets, ageing neighbourhoods and sparkling new sprawls. Twists and turns and spaces found by chance. Where is the city, and what is it? Where do its limits lie?

See the city’s light through new eyes. A journey best done on foot; a city must be walked. Or, indeed, hop on your bike when needs must.

NóinínMáire Zepf

Nóinín is a shy, reserved teenager. When she meets a young man online, she knows he isn’t like the others boys at school: he understands her totally and she falls for him, head over heels. She doesn’t have much time anymore for her best friend, Úna – she’s hooked on her newfound love.

When Nóinín ventures out to meet him offline, she never comes back.

Heartbroken, Úna blames herself for Nóinín’s disappearance. How can anyone know who to trust?

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