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Today Cois Life has published a new novel by Liam Ó Muirthile, Aois Fir. As the writer himself says, it is a sort of fable, the coming of age story of a young boy at sea, both literally and metaphorically. Effectively alone on the boat, with his father and uncle comatose with drink, it is up to him to bring the boat safely into harbour without any aid.

Liam admits that he has had the story in his head for a long time, and is indeed surprised that there is not a greater tradition of seafaring stories by Irish writers, given our situation as an island nation. Recognising that the rich, evocative language he uses may result in an adult readership, rather than young readers of the protagonist’s age, he defends the novelist’s right to expressiveness. Indeed, the novel’s appeal is far broader and will appeal to all readers.

A free audiobook, read by the author himself, is available here.

Price: €10

ISBN: 978-1-907494-50-5

Orders: Buy Aois Fir here or, in the case of shops, through Áis by phoning (01) 6616522 or e-mailing

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