Irish-Language eBooks 25 October 2010 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Since announcing the fact that we’ve produced our first eBooks many people have asked us why we decided the time was right for this, so we’ve written this short piece by way of explanation.

Basically we’ve been watching the emerging market for eBooks over the past few years and the main reason we decided the time was right to adopt the technology was the fact that Amazon for the first time – in the middle of this year – sold more eBooks than copies of hardbacks. This is probably a result of a number of other developments: the launch of the iPad; that the new kindle (Amazon’s hand-held eBook reading device) was much improved; and also that the Sony Reader and Smartphones had also created a certain level of market share.

The entire world of publishing has embarked on this journey and while none of us knows where exactly we’ll find ourselves, we all feel we need to be on board. Certainly, for those of us associated with Cois Life, we, as readers, see the huge advantage of being able to go online, buy a book and begin reading it just moments later. We shall all see…

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