Hata Zú Mhamó and Lá leis na Lochlannaigh shortlisted for Gradam Réics Carló 19 October 2016 – Posted in: News

Cois Life is very proud to see two of our books on the shortlist for the Irish-language children’s book of the year, Gradam Réics Carló: Hata zú Mhamó by Áine Ní Ghlinn and Lá leis na Lochlannaigh by Márie Zepf.
Máire’s first book, Tubaiste ar an Titanic (Cló Mhaigh Eo) was published in 2012. Lá leis na Lochlannaigh (Cois Life, 2016) features the same two characters, Cormac and Brídín, and a new historical event.

Máire has always had a passion for history which took her to Oxford University as a student, and in her new book her lively imagination lifts history from the page. Olivia Golden’s wonderful illustrations add to the book’s appeal, as before our very eyes we see the Viking Dublin of long ago springing back to life.

Áine Ní Ghlinn is a lecturer, journalist and writer. She has written twenty two books – four collections of poetry and eighteen books for teenagers and young people. At present, she shares her time between writing and lecturing at the DCU and writing workshops in Irish-language secondary schools.

Áine won an array of awards for Daideo (Cois Life 2014): Gradam Réics Carló 2014, Children’s Books Ireland Award 2015 and the Literacy Association of Ireland Prize 2015. Hata zú Mhamó is another wonderful achievement from a much-beloved author, and her own reading of the audiobook is also available, for free download here!

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