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As the time comes to go back to school, we have compiled a book list of dictionaries and picture books for children who are being raised through the Irish language or are learning Irish at school.

There are books here for parents who want to speak more Irish at home, simple full-colour dictionaries and picture books that young children will enjoy.

For young children

Cover image of the book Collins First Irish DictionaryCollins First Irish Dictionary
The “Collins First Irish Dictionary” is adapted for young children and gives simple words in English with the Irish-language translation along with full-colour illustrations throughout the book. The English-Irish dictionary is illustrated throughout and the text is written in large type and is easy to read.



Gaschaint: Frásaí Gaeilge ó Cheann an Lae
Cover of the book Gaschaint. A resource for people who want to practise speaking Irish on a daily basis. A book of 2,000 phrases and an audio recording of all those phrases is available on www.gaschaint.ie. It is a wonderful resource for those who wish to speak Irish with their children in the home and for children who are learning Irish in school. Versions from the three major dialects in the book have been colour-coded. This book is a great help in terms of speech and daily conversation.



Bíonn Carló ag Léamh
Cover image Bíonn Carló ag LéamhBíonn Carló ag Léamh is an engaging picture book for young readers. It encourages children to dive into the world of reading while learning Irish.




Mo Chéad 100 Focal Gaeilge

Mo Chéad 100 Focal Gaeilge provides a core group of words that are used often for children who are taking their first steps in learning Irish. The book features illustrations which aid with understanding. Learning becomes fun and interactive with this colourful gem.




Cuir Focal Air: 400 Focal do Pháistí Óga
This book contains over 400 words and an alphabetical Index. The words in the book are presented to the child in an interesting and appealing way, which will help him to learn them easily.




Leabhar Míreanna Mearaí Bia
A series of jigsaw books to help practise basic Irish-language skills in school or at home: counting, and identifying shapes and colours. This title focuses on words to do with food.



Six songs in Irish along with recordings of each song. Press the button in the book and listen to the song as you read the lyrics.
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