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Éagóir launched in the Courthouse 20 May 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Last night saw the launch of Seán Ó Cuirreáin’s new book, Éagóir: Maolra Seoighe agus dúnmharaithe Mhám Trasna, which took place in Green Street Court House in Dublin City; the same court where the trial of the Maamtrasna Murders took place over one-hundred and thirty years ago. The Court has remained much the same since then, and it was a fitting venue for the evening’s events. The book itself is an account of an historical… Continue reading

‘Procrastination is a common disease but it is one that you can beat’. Michelle Nic Pháidín talks of her novel ‘An tIriseoir’ 3 May 2016 – Posted in: News

Imagination is a must, I’m sure, for any writer, and you’re certainly gifted with it, but how did you go about composing the general outline of the story? You will often find that a story takes shape in your head before you write it. You consider the story, change it a number of times and, in a manner, distil it, until you are satisfied with the entire product. The writing of the story is the… Continue reading
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