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Katie Ní Loingsigh discusses the new edition of Séanna, some hundred years after its original publication 25 February 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Katie Ní Loingsigh (Research editorial assistant, Fiontar) shares some thoughts on Séanna's story, on the occasion of Caoilfhionn Nic Pháidín's new edition, some hundred years after its first publication. ‘Bíodh ina mhargadh,’ arsa Séanna. ‘Gan teip?’ arsa an Fear Dubh. ‘Gan teip,’ arsa Séanna. ‘Dar bhrí na mionn?’ arsa an Fear Dubh. ‘Dar bhrí na mionn,’ arsa Séanna. What lies in store for someone who strikes a deal with the devil? This new modernised edition… Continue reading

Goodness Gracious Granny! 17 February 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Last week we had a great chat with one of our youngest and newest authors, Máire Zepf. This week, it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to find out how a more experienced writer goes about her work – we welcomed in Áine Ní Ghlinn.  She discussed her other titles: Daideo, Tromluí and many other books when she came by to record her most recent book, Hata Zú Mhamó. It's quite the adventure story, as Mamó (Granny) escapes from the nursing… Continue reading

An Colm Bán – New novel by Liam Ó Muirthile 14 February 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Saothar neamghghnách é seo a nascann gnéithe de scéal na hÉireann le mórscéal Mhór-Roinn na hEorpa. Scéal Nora Buckley, searbhónta as Iarthar Chorcaí, a théann ag rince ar stáitse na Folies Bergère i bPáras san blianta tar éis an Chéad Chogaidh Mhóir, agus ina theannta sin, údar ar thóir scéal Nóra i bPáras na haimsire seo. Mar fhile, iriseoir, drámadóir agus úrscéalaí, tá Liam Ó Muirthile tar éis forbairt ar bhonn leanúnach ó tháinig sé faoi bhráid an…

Continue reading

Watch out! The Vikings are coming… 3 February 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

We interviewed the author, Máire Zepf.  You obviously have a great imagination, but how did you come up with the overall concept of the story? I spent many holidays as child staying in my great-aunt Annie's house in Co. Leitrim. It was an eccentric old place, full of dust and magic. Upstairs, there was a strange door that didn't really go anywhere at all - out onto the garden, but at first floor level. I… Continue reading
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